Monday, August 2, 2010

Update 29

>woo! wear the rope like a sash...check the expiration date on the milk... if its good, drink it. go try THIS key in that chest...

>......cut your face with the knife......not too deep!......just enough to leave a cool scar :smileyhappy:.....

You do a bunch of things, and man do you look cool now.

You lose 1 HP, but you gain 10 points to your cunning stat.

You decide to check the milk to see if it is expired.

You see the same girl that was on the missing poster in the heart room. You take a drink of the milk as it is not expired. You gain back your lost HP.

You go to try this key on the chest in the star room.

The chest opens! You find one CD-ROM and one FLASHLIGHT. The flashlight will need batteries if you want it to work though.

Now what?

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