Monday, August 2, 2010


This is an archive of a pseudo text based adventure game.

This game originated on the Adult Swim Message boards. To read the original thread you can go here.

This game ran from July 22 to August 2. I drew 102 separate images for this game, including those in the movies. It was a lot of fun though!

I posted these in reverse order, so you can read it in order just by scrolling down.


Update 1

You wake up to find that you are in an unfamilar room. You have no memory of how you got there.

What do you do?

Update 2

>Look for any keys

You don't see any keys.

On the other side of the room you see a door which is locked, and a barrel labeled "Toxic"

Update 3

>Get Ye Flask.

You take your flask out of your front pocket.

You hardly see how this will help your situation.

Update 4

>Drink some of the toxic; it's bound to give me super powers!

You go over to the barrel to drink the toxic.

Seems that there was nothing inside...wait do you see something shiny in there?

Update 5


You take the shiny key. You are extremely happy about your find.

You put the small key in your inventory

Update 6

>First things first. Find some ink and save the game on that type writer.

You can't find any ink, but you do see a TREASURE CHEST

Update 7

>Ohhh tough call....Use key on treasure chest. (we can just beat down the door with brute force, right?) :smileytongue:

You use the key on the Treasure Chest

Inside you find the following

A large key

A note

A long piece of wood

The small key breaks and is no longer in your inventory.

Update 8


You try to do these things but they prove impossible. You decide to read the note for now

What is this rubbish?

Update 9

>F the note for now. USE LARGE KEY ON DOOR! If that fails, bang wood against wall in frustration. :smileytongue:

You put the note away for now, thinking to yourself that it looks like Lucky Charms. If only it tasted as good. You use the LARGE KEY on the door.

You find yourself in another room with a large pit in the center. You shake your fist angrily at the gap.

Update 10

>Jump over it?

Use the wood like a plank and walk over the gap.

>Thinking about lucky charms gives you inhuman strength. Use wooden stick to pole vault across the gap.

It's too far to jump, you decide to pole vault it instead.

Somehow you made it across. You can't believe you just did that.

Update 11

You look around the room. There are five doors.

You wonder who set this all up and why they would do something like this to you. What should you do now?

Update 12

>Check the door with the circle, cause the circle wasn't on the note >_>

You try that door.

You are very sad that it is locked. Maybe another door would work? If only you had some kind of clue.

Update 13

>Air guitar to a Metallica song stuck in your head for a while.

You also do this for awhile cause it seems like such a good idea

Update 14

>im assuming this is a group adventure, only she's drawing us one at a time. and we're all identical :smileyindifferent: in which case, >_>, lol, elf druid is me.

>ahhhhhhhh NO FAIR :smileymad:I wanted to be the nelf druid :smileysad: I get to be the paladin then! :smileytongue:

You decide you want to be a night elf hunter instead.


Update 15

You inspect all the doors. The only door that is unlocked is the heart door. All the other doors have locks on them except for the square door, which has a keypad on it instead. You may be imagining things, but you think you heard noises from behind the square door as well.

You go through the heart door.

This room has a computer in it. There is also a missing poster on the wall.

What will you do now?

Update 16

>Take key. Get on computer and start posting in IB. Waste 4 hours.

You take the key

Unfortunately, the computer doesn't seem to be receiving power at the moment. You can't go on IB and waste time at all. You are still overjoyed at finding a key so this does not faze you much.

Update 17

You kick the computer for not having power. HOW DARE IT.

That didn't do much except make your foot hurt. You use the key on the star door, and amazingly enough it works.

This room seems to have a button at the top which you can't reach that is labeled power, and a TREASURE CHEST.

Update 18

>Throw the key as hard as I can at the power button.

You'd think that the wooden board would be the obvious solution, but hey you don't follow rules. You are a rebel.

The key falls to the floor unharmed. You hear the power starting up again. You decide to go back into the computer room. You kick the computer again for good measure.

Update 19

>i run around in circles

You decide to spin in circles instead.

You have no idea why being trapped in a scary unfamiliar place makes you do so many wacky things!

Update 20

>Post funny pics of cats to FB and tell everyone they HAVE TO CHECK IT OUT OMG LOLSZ!!!!!1!!!!After **alf** around on IB for hours you decide to look up the missing person on the poster using the almighty GOOGLE.

You would love to, but the computer seems to be password protected.

> a barrel roll!.........then rip the bottom portion of the missing poster off, so only the word "missing" is hanging'll be a good joke for the next guy that gets stuck in this place :smileyvery-happy:....

You decide this is the next best course of action.

You see something written on the back of the Missing Poster.

Update 21

>type those random letters we found on the back of the poster into the password box on the computer...
go pick up that key in the other room and open that chest... then come back... the computer should be done setting up by then.


You enter the string of letters you found on the back of the poster into the computer.

That seemed to work! You are so over-joyed you decide to go back and get the key to unlock the chest. Oh how you love keys.

This does not seem to be the correct key. It must unlock something else.

Update 22

>i get dizzy from spinning around and fall on the floor so i roll around to balance out the dizziness and i see something on the wall

You spin so much you feel like you are going to vomit. As you fall to floor from dizziness, you see something graffittied on the wall.

Indeed, cats do rule.

Update 23

> Check to see if I was raped.

You were not raped, or harmed in anyway. The only thing wrong with you is your AMNESIA.

You put the key from the STAR ROOM in your inventory for later use. You decide to go back to computer room to see if the computer has started up.

What do you do now?

Update 24

>Look at the pictures! :smileyvery-happy: (oh boy I hope it's kitties!)

You open the pictures folder.

It's everything you could've hoped for and MORE.

Update 25

>Okay, lets open up firefox and search for lucky charms!

You go to your favorite search engine, googlez

Look at all those Lucky Charms. You get the feeling that this is all a huge waste of time.

Update 26

You decide that the computer is a waste of time for now. You are feeling tired, so you decide to take a nap.

Update 27

You wake up from your nap.

>use toxic barrel as a steel drum!

You decide to go back into the other room. You put the piece of wood across the gap since pole vaulting it every time would be a hassle.

>.....realize how scary the situation is cause you might run into a grue :smileysad:........after crying to yourself for a while, you turn the empty toxic barrel into a suit of armor........huzzah! :smileyvery-happy:.....

Since you are already in the room with the toxic barrel, you decide it would make good armour.

If only you had some way of wearing it out of this room.

>*tummy grumbles* I hope this key unlocks a kitchen...*goes looking for doors to try the key on*

Getting bored of that, you decide to search for a room to try the KEY in your inventory on.

You open the TRIANGLE ROOM.

You appear to be in some kind of break room. There is a fridge in the corner, and a table with ONE BOWL, ONE BOX OF CEREAL, and ONE KNIFE.

What do you do now?

Update 28

>Open fridge.

You decide to open the fridge.

There is one ROPE and one CARTON OF MILK in the fridge.

>eat all the marshmallows from the cereal...pocket the knife...wear the bowl like a hard hat...

You put the bowl on your head like a hard hat. This will protect you, you decide.

You go over to the box of cereal so you can eat the marshmallows, objectively the best part.

You shake the box in order to get the cereal out.

Seems that all that was left was the toy surprise.

You put the KNIFE and the KEY in your inventory

Update 29

>woo! wear the rope like a sash...check the expiration date on the milk... if its good, drink it. go try THIS key in that chest...

>......cut your face with the knife......not too deep!......just enough to leave a cool scar :smileyhappy:.....

You do a bunch of things, and man do you look cool now.

You lose 1 HP, but you gain 10 points to your cunning stat.

You decide to check the milk to see if it is expired.

You see the same girl that was on the missing poster in the heart room. You take a drink of the milk as it is not expired. You gain back your lost HP.

You go to try this key on the chest in the star room.

The chest opens! You find one CD-ROM and one FLASHLIGHT. The flashlight will need batteries if you want it to work though.

Now what?