Monday, August 2, 2010

Update 27

You wake up from your nap.

>use toxic barrel as a steel drum!

You decide to go back into the other room. You put the piece of wood across the gap since pole vaulting it every time would be a hassle.

>.....realize how scary the situation is cause you might run into a grue :smileysad:........after crying to yourself for a while, you turn the empty toxic barrel into a suit of armor........huzzah! :smileyvery-happy:.....

Since you are already in the room with the toxic barrel, you decide it would make good armour.

If only you had some way of wearing it out of this room.

>*tummy grumbles* I hope this key unlocks a kitchen...*goes looking for doors to try the key on*

Getting bored of that, you decide to search for a room to try the KEY in your inventory on.

You open the TRIANGLE ROOM.

You appear to be in some kind of break room. There is a fridge in the corner, and a table with ONE BOWL, ONE BOX OF CEREAL, and ONE KNIFE.

What do you do now?

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